Soul Movement

Have you ever felt like you are not fully living? Have you ever felt like you are not allowing yourself to achieve your highest potential? Do you feel stuck physically, emotionally and creatively?

Soul Movement is a transformational journey into dance, meditation, breath work & self-discovery.

“May I have the courage to live through all the things that my dance reveals to me, all the things I’ve pushed down inside that need to come up and out through me, so I can be an empty vessel of perfection, of love.


May I have the courage to get out of my way, to become all that I am, and to hook myself up with my deepest yearnings, to stand up for my truth, to break through my own walls of resistance.


May I have the courage to embrace my body while it’s still here, to express my heart, to allow it to be part of my body, part of my spontaneity, part of my expression.


May I have the courage to let my head go and trust that there is something guiding me, that there is some enormous, amazing purpose to my existence…”

 Gabrielle Roth


Elina’s own inner healing started with recognizing within herself, and in the world around her, the lack of connection to instincts, to authentic ways of expressing and moving. She felt that most of us seemed to have disconnected from our soul’s mission. Elina felt the calling to liberate her own wild, natural, spontaneous self. Her journey of inner healing and self-discovery began and Elina experienced first hand the power of personal transformation. She combined this personal journey with many years of studying, working, and exploring, through the modalities of meditation, movement and dance, as well as numerous other healing and therapeutic modalities.

Elina has synthesized her knowledge and experience to develop a unique practice called Soul Movement. This work is dedicated to rebirthing people into their highest potential, consciousness and spontaneous expression. It reactivates our ability to LIVE FULLY and thus LOVE DEEPLY. When we are vibrantly connected to ourselves and to all of life, we naturally create rather than destroy.

What is Soul Movement?

The foundation of this program is somatic, dance-based practices that support people through discovering and addressing stored trauma and shock in the body.

It is a powerful tool of self-empowerment that combines conscious and free forms of movement and dance, with meditation, and breath work. Soul Movement classes and intensive groups, also use a psycho-spiritual approach to encourage deeper more holistic self-discovery. Elina’s mission is to get people out of their heads, to connect more deeply with how they feel in their body. In doing so, the inner “no” to happiness and joy is identified and released. We can then step into a “yes” to life, and a “yes” to feeling, living and being.

During this practice, people connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self. They also discover their spontaneous forms of expression and realize the freedom that comes with being a better, healthier and more conscious person in this world.

This group work is specifically designed for people to dive deeper into self-discovery as a group but also individually. The power of movement and self-discovery has a tremendous effect on the brain and the body, allowing for greater personal achievement and helping people connect with themselves interpersonally, and with the greater source. This work involves exercises as an individual but also as a group. The foundation of this work is somatic dance and meditation based practices, but a variety of tools and activators are also used:

  •     Conscious & free forms of movement and dance
  •     Exploration of music & rhythms as support tools for self discovery
  •     Body awareness exercises
  •     Meditation practices
  •     Active meditations
  •     Somatic exercises
  •     Breath work
  •     Elements of contact improvisation
  •     Elements of Tantra
  •     Developing the consciousness of the self, of the body, of the other, and of the space around us
  •     Contemplation and ceremony in nature
  •     Psycho-spiritual work encouraging self-discovery and connection to the heart
  •     Expressive arts activities, techniques and tools to assist in finding personal purpose, passion and a sense of power

Conscious Movement & Dance

We all carry a load in our bodies: tensions, emotions, traumatic events, beliefs, self-limiting patterns, body issues, inhibitions, conditionings, and insecurities are manifest in us all. They will be looked at and released through conscious movement and dance processes. This will create more space in your system to feel like more of the person that you truly are. A whole spectrum of sensations and emotions will be addressed and progressed through a combination of dance and movement practices, as well as other exercises that will support you in this process.

Dance is a doorway to collective connection, liberation and resourcing. Conscious movement and dance are powerful tools of healing physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, mentally, and spiritually. We will move deeper into letting go of self-imposed ideas that restrict our body and mind and become more open to new ways of expression through movement. The practice will develop your direct body/spirit connection. This is vital for a positive lifestyle and a healthy relationship to self and others.

We will not learn specific steps or choreography, rather we will allow our bodies to move freely and lead us into a meditative state. We will move from the state of ‘being in the mind’ to the state of ‘being present in the body’. We will dance till there is no more ‘dancer’, and then we will dance some more. We will dance and breathe into a space where healing and meditation will connect you to your heart, where you will be pure energy in motion. You will discover how to embody your own energy and how to move from that space in the world. No dance experience is necessary, only a longing for moving into freedom and life.

Self-discovery & Inner House Cleaning

From previous habits of ‘running away’, you will be safely guided to face up to things, so that you can understand, integrate and release. It might seem overwhelming but it is the only way to be able to transcend and create change within yourself. You will experience the beauty of embracing everything that comes to the surface and being fully present with the feelings that result. From fear, tension and sorrow you will move into experiencing sensuality, joy and bliss.

We will use creative processes, community mirroring, and self-inquiry work. We will illuminate the game of hide and seek that we all play with our ourselves, bringing light to the identity masks we wear, the inner ‘noes’ to fulfillment and happiness, fears, the self-sabotage mechanisms and negative patterns.

With kindness, acceptance and respect, we will allow our unintegrated parts to be seen, embraced and moved. Beyond shame and blame, all is welcomed and embraced with open hearts. We will transform our shadow dances into soul dances, as opportunities for growth.

Breath Work

Layers of physical and emotional tension prevent us from being fully present and being able to engage in a free form of expression. Traumatic, stressful experiences create physical and emotional tension, which in turn create contraction and chronic pain. Unaddressed, energies become stuck and create blockages that can lead to disease, emotional distress and an inability to function at our highest potential.

Through this practice we progressively let go of negative self-image, and chronic emotional and physical tension that causes pain. By exploring practices that shift tension stored in different parts of the body, we will clear blockages to allow greater free-flow of breath, movement and life force energy to take place. You will move towards a path leading you to your truth, and experience freedom and greater power.

The approach taken is a fully embodied approach, which keeps us present in the physical experience and allows for integration on the physical level to take place. It is when we drop into these spaces of unlimited potential that we come to have a direct experience of our divine true nature!

“What unfolds during this work is deeply moving.

I see people opening up, daring to let go into their wild personal dance, and expressing the hidden parts of themselves.


Their expression and appearance change, revealing their true shine and sense of freedom. I witness the magic of transformation.”


– Elina Prem Ratna

Are you willing to venture into the profound space of transformation? We look forward to guiding and collaborating on this journey. Please join us for Soul Movement.